Treasurer: Rtn. Janak Bhimani Ann. Daksha Bhimani

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

I thank you for giving me the honor and privilege to lead this vibrant Rotary Club of Mumbai Cuffe Parade as a Treasurer for more than seven years.

When we see the needs of others as more important than our own needs – when we focus on a shared goal that is for the good of all – this changes everything. It changes how we relate to the world. It changes our priorities.

Through service, we become more tolerant and more grateful for the people in our lives. Our sense of gratitude drives us to understand others better and to see the good in everyone. Through better understanding, we learn to respect others. With mutual respect, we live with others in peace.             

It is not important how much we contribute in monetary terms for a cause but more important is our participation, clean heart and a motto which includes service to the under privileged and service to the society at large. I am sure happiness of this club will come when all the above is achieved. But to get there we must remember that “Happiness is a journey not destination” I am proud to be associated with this club. I end here with two quotes that are much thought provoking

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are” and “Remember and follow this –never fail-receipe-get started, Don’t quit”.

Let us have the best year possible.

Rtn. Janak Bhimani
Treasurer (2018 -2019

Regular Weekly Meeting
Honorary Member / Charter Member

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